The Secrets behind Miura’s Art and Writing

This post is going into (almost) every detail for anyone who dares imitating his art and writing: I'm going to dig into the tools he uses, his planning process and how the visual means he uses affect the reader on an emotional level. It will also show you why exactly both Miura's art and writing is one of a kind.

How and why did Berserk’s Art Style change?

Taking a look at the art in previous arcs and compare it to newer ones. Given the recent interview by Natalie Comics, we'll find out the reason why the style has changed recently is the involvement of his assistants!

Recent Interview of Kentaro Miura by French journal “La Figaro”

If you have not heard already, the French journal La Figaro interviewed Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, regarding the more recent chapters and the future of Berserk. Given the couple of prediction posts I have written recently, this will be an interesting addition to get an idea where the story of Berserk will go on … Continue reading Recent Interview of Kentaro Miura by French journal “La Figaro”