Manifestations of Thought: Power to the Mind

It may not be obvious at first, but thoughts affect the physical realm greatly. So what exactly is the manifestation of thought, what does it do and where in Berserk do we see it happen? Thoughts & Feelings on Death In Berserk, the thought people die with is important. They may die with regret, hate … Continue reading Manifestations of Thought: Power to the Mind

Fate & Causality: Why was the Lost Chapter removed?

If we take a look at how causality and fate are defined, the Idea of Evil as described in the Lost Chapter raises a lot of questions. With this article i'm going to dig into the reasons why the Lost Chapter was removed and depict an alternative model that I believe Miura has chosen in its place.

What is the Beast of Darkness?

Note: In the meantime I've written a newer article that more concisely describes what the Beast of Darkness is, more independent from concepts such as Idea of Evil or the Godhand, and closer to actual world building presented to us. However, this article still holds up well in the face of new insights. The short … Continue reading What is the Beast of Darkness?

Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

At some point in the story Farnese believed Guts to be the Hawk of Darkness. Sadly it never has been brought up much after this but it always had me thinking whenever I was reminded of it. Just what does Farnese knew and why the hell did she never bring it up??? Hot take: What … Continue reading Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

Hidden Metaphors and Function of the Berserker Armor

Berserker Armor has been around for quite a while. Us as readers are used to seeing it, but how much do we know what rules and visual metaphors surround it? In this article I will explore in-depth the underlying mechanics and visuals of the berserker armor, how deeply it is connected to Guts' character development - and granted, you will learn things about it you've never noticed or read anywhere so far.