Remembrance Part 1 – A Guts and Casca Reunion Fancomic (2019)

The draft of this comic was released on the 17th of August. This comic is my first one and also an attempt to provide a realistic scenario for a first encounter of Guts and Casca based on my analysis you can find on this blog, especially the How Guts and Casca Grew Together series. The style of story-telling, art-style, layout and perspectives are all inspired by Miura’s work. Additionally, the comic is meant as a visual prediction and still a work in progress.

If you have troubles reading, here is the imgur album with the dialog in the description of each page (for some reason wordpress won’t let me embed it here).

The art quality is very inconsistent because practice and better drawing equipment allowed me to improve greatly. I also didn’t sketch everything in one go, e.g. there is a time gap of multiple months between pages 1, 2, 3, 5 and pages 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 18 (hiatus is a bitch). Page 4 is the newest and page 1 the oldest.

There were also 2 other drafts before I created the final one, which consisted mostly of experimenting with different work processes. The drafts were also based on old ideas I had that were also strongly biased towards a happy ending. You can see the (very rough) sketches for that in this google drive folder.

I put a lot of thought illustrating this and in the following pages you can find some thoughts about the red thread in this comic.

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