Thank you, Kentaro Miura

I don’t even know how to start this.

Apparently, on May 6th, our beloved mangaka has passed away due to a sudden aortic dissection. This was confirmed today, 20th May at around 5am (GMT+1) by multiple official twitter accounts, such as berserk_project and Dark Horse.

Rest in peace to a legend and one of the best artists in the modern age. His dedication and passion for his work shall be forever remembered. My sincerest condolences to his loved ones, family and relatives. I wish he could see every single person that is grieving right now.

I am in shock and disbelief, and still need to process this myself.

8 thoughts on “Thank you, Kentaro Miura

  1. Miura in an interview on 2009 said he’d written the whole plot, and he was training his team and his medical condition is one of early diagnosis, so I think there’s a chance his work will continue unless the way Japanese pay “respect” by not finishing afraid man’s work gets us in the way. Somehow, I find myself hopeful. Working in something with that huge esoteric strength took its toll.

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    1. Yeah, this is what I’m hoping as well. Argh…I’ve read a few accounts, and I hear there’s sometimes some warning about aortic dissections, like great pain for some time before it becomes fatal. Miura was suffering so much and we didn’t know…but in terms of the story, I think as you mention there may be a non-negligible chance he left instructions for his employees (and they’re full time employees!) at his studio.

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  2. I remember Miura gave an interview on 2009 and he said the story was fully written. It’s very possible he knew of his condition because of it’s early diagnosis, so I think he was concerned about his work. The only stone in this highway should be the way Japanese tend to pay respect by letting his work unfinished but I am hopeful for some reason I cannot explain.


    1. I ‘m hope for the best and the Publishers honour is request by continuing his legacy, he was a man who love is Creations and Characters, he developed, he will be sadly missed by all Berserk’s fans worldwide.

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      1. You know that J R R Tolkien’s quote “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”?

        Somehow I’m at calm.


    1. I am slowly coming in terms with it, but it will take a while until you grasp and accept this new situation. Take care of yourself!

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  3. Please, my brothers and sisters, endure! We have a long Winter ahead, but it’s not tmeant to last forever, and after the Frost the strong roots will bloom again. The broken sword will be reforged. Rest by now, cry your hearts since not all tears are bad, I’ll be here looking for the sings in the Stars, the Moon and the Sky. When the light came from the east, I’ll let you know.


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