How similar are Farnese and Golden Age Casca?

Short answer is: a lot. Their goals and motivations are so alike Miura even reused almost the same dialog in some spots. Casca and Farnese both struggle(d) to get closer to their idols, Griffith and Guts, respectively, but there are still a few small, but important differences.

An Alternative Theory to Skull Knight’s and Void’s origins

There are a couple of theories floating around trying to reconstruct the events surrounding King Gaiseric/Skull Knight and his ancient rivalry with Void. Here is how I think it may have happened.

How the tree is a symbol of Guts’ state of mind

Trees often shows up in a few key scenes throughout Berserk and I never really thought much of it. But when you examine this more closely you find out some interesting things: As you can probably tell, the tree is healthy state and growing (except during his birth perhaps) throughout the golden age arc: During … Continue reading How the tree is a symbol of Guts’ state of mind