Berserk Analysis: the Book – Coming soon!

Berserk is an award-winning Japanese dark fantasy manga praised for its epic story and brilliantly written characters. But how deep this manga really goes is severely underestimated by many.

This website was created to unravel the depths for Berserk’s story-telling, but still does NOT do the manga justice.

If you’ve been a reader for some time, you know how large and detailed the average article is.

This is why I have decided to write a book:

Berserk – The Analysis.

what’s the deal?

✔️ Answers frequent reader questions

✔️ Special content

✔️ Look up chapters easily

✔️ Analysis as close as possible to the source material

✔️ Well-researched: no-bullshit-guarantee

If you read Berserk and were left with more questions than answers, this is the book you are looking for.

Where do I sign up?

The book is not yet released.

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