Official Berserk Account confirms Series will continue

I still cannot believe it as I am typing this (It’s too early in the morning, goddammit).

In a twitter statement the official Berserk account @berserk_project created a thread this morning containing a statement about Berserk’s current publication state.

Berserk is continuing serialization with Studio Gaga under Kouji Mori’s supervision. It is scheduled for Young Animal Issue #13 that will be published in June 24 2022.

In the statement, mangaka Kouji Mori reminisces about finishing off episode 364 together with Studio Gaga, with the last few pages left in storyboard-state after Miura passed away. Him and Miura had discussed the story of Berserk until the very end as well.

Kouji Mori is the author of the manga Holyland and a close life-time friend of Kentaro Miura. He has authored one of the memorial one shots (read on mangadex) that was published after Kentaro Miura passed away.

In this one shot, Miura jokes about him finishing Berserk for him in case Miura himself cannot, but in an unexpected twist of fate, it seems that Mori is determined to continue his legacy together with Studio Gaga.

The story about Berserk and its author is shaping up to be as legendary as Berserk itself. Episode 364 should be proof that it is possible for Studio Gaga to continue Berserk together with Mori in principle—it is “just” going to be extremely difficult.

I will be following their work with interest, convinced while it is going to be very different from Miura’s Berserk, it will be a valid execution of Berserk nonetheless.

Thank you Kentaro Miura, Studio Gaga, Kouji Mori and everyone involved. Some of us fans may have already started giving up hope, but you are giving us a little light at the end of the tunnel.

2 thoughts on “Official Berserk Account confirms Series will continue

  1. I’m so happy, it seems Mori was indeed a close friend to Miura. I wish him the best luck possible to give this masterpiece a proper ending.


  2. Did not I say it last year druing our hour of mourn, my sister? My heart always knew, my faith on him never dwindled. The winter watch it’s about to end. Praised be Eru-Ilúvatar.


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