Analysis of Berserk Episode 362 [Spoilers]

With Episode 362 we get a glimpse of Emperor Gaiseric's moment of death. Read more for theories & speculations revolving around the Godhand.

Announcement at Hakusensha: A New Beginning

Berserk's publisher Hakusensha is currently onto something. As discovered by reddit user u/BigChungusUserlol in this reddit post Hakusensha recently registered the domain The website is currently password-protected which indicates that it is still being set up. A quick whois lookup reveals that Berserk's publisher is indeed its registrant and that it was created just … Continue reading Announcement at Hakusensha: A New Beginning

Analysis of Berserk Episode 361 [Spoilers]

This episode is well-paced and impresses with great environments and intricate art. I really love the little banter between the characters so it was quite a fun read as well. What exactly happens in this episode? Read further!

Does Skull Knight have his own Agenda? [Spoilers]

The way SK has been portrayed in episode 359 was very suspicious. Why did Miura decide to depict him that way? Did he do that just to create a dramatic build-up, or is there something more behind it?

How you can help creating this website – and a book!

Let's face it: this website wouldn't be anything without you, the reader. An orchestra without an audience is empty and meaningless. When I created my tumblr blog about 3 years ago (this website followed shortly after that in the same year) I created it with a goal: To make people understand how deep and genius … Continue reading How you can help creating this website – and a book!

How and why did Berserk’s Art Style change?

Taking a look at the art in previous arcs and compare it to newer ones. Given the recent interview by Natalie Comics, we'll find out the reason why the style has changed recently is the involvement of his assistants!