So long, Kentaro Miura: A Tribute

I found Berserk sometime in late 2016 through the infamous 2016 anime. Because the story appealed to me greatly, despite of the horrible animation, I decided to read the manga. Instantly, I was hooked.

In that year and the year that followed, I was going through a very hard time. My mental and physical health was at a low due to circumstances mostly outside of my control, which took a while to improve considerably. There are no words how much these wholesome moments in Berserk comforted me. It gave me something that I really needed at the time. I read them over and over again because I couldn’t get enough of them.

Everyone probably has a story like this.

What is your personal story with Berserk? Let me know in the comments!

Berserk is extremely relatable because the thoughts and feelings expressed through it were genuine and heartfelt: through Guts’ journey, Kentaro Miura showed us that it’s important to fight and act, to struggle against the odds, to be brave, to be open to new people rather than shutting yourself off from everything and everyone. He touched the hearts of many with his sincerity and authenticity. Of course, he was also a masterclass artist and extremely talented. His art is to this day unrivaled. The fact he managed to produce Berserk in a bi-weekly release schedule up until the Falcon of The Millennium Empire Arc is simply insane.

At the same time, Berserk is also a social commentary: he identified that religious faithfulness can be used as means to avoid responsibility by surrendering it to a higher power during Conviction Arc; the last chapters about Falconia seem like a set up for an utopian fiction of an ideal (or not-so-ideal, since Griffith is its ruler!?) human society of diverse cultural backgrounds, to which we sadly will never see the resolution of. The fact that Miura so vehemently attempted to make the Berserk exhibit happen despite of the Corona situation shows that he also lived by what he expressed in his fictional work.

How much he truly projected himself into each character, especially into Guts, is a secret he took to his grave. Losing Miura feels more like losing a good friend than some sort of celebrity you had little to no connection with. It shows through the fact that so many of his fans are grieving. The amount of hearts Kentaro Miura touched is immeasurable.

Miura inspired and was a light to so many. But you can be the same to everyone else. Like a tree, it’s growth never-ending and at its roots, Miura’s legacy.

Every time someone famous or important passes away it’s always such a shock. More and more of your idols will die the more you age, until there is no one left. Who’s going to take their place, who’s going to inspire the next generation now?

But then you realize: this person could be YOU.

It’s the best way to continue and honor their legacy. Move forward with the people that inspired you in your heart and memory. I know for sure that Miura will stay in mine.

Thank you, Kentaro. I am more than happy that my fanletter reached you before your passing.

Kentaro Miura and Takehiko Inoue receiving the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2002

7 thoughts on “So long, Kentaro Miura: A Tribute

  1. There’s till Hope, not a rootless one.
    I’ll do the first watch, my sister.


  2. I met Gattsu a few days after my father passed away, it was a japanese volume one, in a flea market. It was 1995, long before Internet was a thing in my country. Took me time to find an english translation. I was needing a beacon to show me courage even on the face of hopelesness. He, Miura/Gattsu, was my teacher.

    I’m at calm, I’ll be patiently waiting for the stars in the right position. This my way to pay respect to him, Let’s keep our websites doing our waiting.

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    1. Hello Victor,
      I’m glad you found comfort in Berserk. To be quite honest, Miura gave me an urgently needed father figure that I needed the most, and there are quite a few of us out there who made that same experience. Through his character Guts he was like a dad to us all. His passing feels more like losing a good friend.

      To me, death isn’t the end and even if he ceased to exist on the mortal plane, he still evidently left quite a mark on the world.


  3. A beautiful tribute, Scully. Reading your testimony and that of others takes the sting away from Miura’s passing, at least a bit–even if he died way too young, we can take comfort in the positive effects he had on our lives.

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    1. Thank you. I think that’s what Miura would want: to have us struggle on and move forward, no matter what is being thrown at us.

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  4. Keep your website up, my sister. I foretell interesting news during 2021 Q4.


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