How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 2

Header image courtesy of ficpen. (Used with permission) Thank you! Casca is modelled after Guts in many respects. They are very alike, but somewhere also different, but in a way one complements the other. Casca is someone who knows what she wants, has her pride, goals and passions, is dutiful, strong, iron-willed and also good … Continue reading How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 2

“Guts doesn’t protect victims of violence” – or does he?!

Miura has painted Guts as the avenger of the weak from the very beginning. During the Golden Age, Miura already demonstrates to us how much Guts actually cares for those he considers family and in what lengths he sacrifices his own well-being to make sure they are safe. How exactly this plays out? Continue reading!

Why did Casca scream at the end of Chapter 355?

We all know that unpleasant reaction of Casca when she saw Guts. But why did she do this? What exactly made her remember the terrible memories from the eclipse? Was she afraid to see her lover turn into a monster as well, or was it something else completely? We will dig into her mind and figure it out.