This page is dedicated to my involvement in the Berserk community.

There was a point in my life where I always thought that my actions didn’t make much of a difference. But if you really look at what’s actually there – you’re wrong! This is what this page is intended for. It’s good to keep a place for your achievements. I do this less to brag but more to signalize:

It is very humbling to know that after all your life does make a difference in this world. So thank you for staying with me for the ride!


This is where my social media journey started. Because Miura’s work was so inspiring and masterfully written, I wanted to produce Berserk content – lots of it. I re-purposed a reaaallly old tumblr blog I had and started writing. It started out as pretty innocuous hobby and it eventually grew into an accumulated following of 3.000 on my berserk blog, art blog and colored pages blog. It’s not that much, but I’m rather proud of it!


Now I don’t wanna say I was the first to color Berserk, but I probably was among the first to put a decent amount of effort into it.

This coloring I posted to reddit was the one that started it all, a couple of others artists jumped onto the coloring train right after I posted it. It unleashed an avalanche of more frequent and better quality colorings.

I joined the coloring group “Guild of The Falcon” shortly after that. I maintained their discord and contributed a lot to their infrastructure, enabling the community to color chapters, from 2017 until I left in 2020.

For the guild, I later I created the subreddit r/GuildOfTheFalcon, which has over 2.300 subscriptions as of 22nd June 2020.

I single-handedly colored the Berserk chapter “Sound of the Sea”, which is featured on I have also contributed a page to the community chapter coloring of the Guild of The Falcon, chapter 113, “A Bloody Night Sky” [imgur] from the Lost Children arc, and also multiple pages for chapter 91, “Vow of Retaliation” [imgur] under the pseudonym b5cully.

Throughout my journey I helped and inspired countless of colorists.


Kentaro Miura made me pick up art again.

Ever since 2009 my art has been stagnating: I refused to do it, felt there was no point anymore. Something was lacking and I was stuck. I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t do much art between 2009 and 2017 because art as a hobby was almost dead to me.

But then in 2017 I found out about Berserk. And BOI. Everything changed.

Trying to imitate Miura’s art style propelled my own art skill to a level that I never thought I’d reach. I finally figured out what was wrong and managed to fix it. Part of it was caused by my attitude towards my own work. For example, I never thought I’d be able to create a painting like this ever in my life. Yes, this is traditional! Acrylics to be exact. You can purchase a print of this at my Redbubble.

🎨 Follow my Tumblr for more art! 🎨

And going even further back in my life, when I was still in elementary school – telling a story through visual means (e.g. a comic) has always a dream of mine. Which I intend to pursue as well!

I have started creating a Guts/Casca Reunion fancomic, which is unfinished but received mostly positive feedback. I had people tell me that the visuals were similar to Miura’s, which is a huge motivation boost for me.


I created a TON of berserk memes. Here are just a couple I created that were posted to my Tumblr. It’s okay that people use them without credit – just feels nice when you see them spread!