How does Guts feel about Schierke?

I really dig Schierke and Guts. They are my most favorite duo in any work of fiction. They are both rather introverted and thoughtful personalities capable of change and learning. The interaction between them seems very harmonious and trusting. I absolutely love reading about them evolving to such a wonderful and caring friendship. It’s no … Continue reading How does Guts feel about Schierke?

How did Farnese’s life take a 180° turn?

Farnese's character was shook and burnt down a couple of times before she eventually ended up joining Guts on his travels. She mostly invoked the change on her own during rebirth scene, but through Guts' subtle guidance after she joined him she found purpose and meaning. How this happened you can read in this article!

Hidden Metaphors and Function of the Berserker Armor

Berserker Armor has been around for quite a while. Us as readers are used to seeing it, but how much do we know what rules and visual metaphors surround it? In this article I will explore in-depth the underlying mechanics and visuals of the berserker armor, how deeply it is connected to Guts' character development - and granted, you will learn things about it you've never noticed or read anywhere so far.