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Black Swordsman

Mostly known for Guts’ “edgy phase” we get to see an impossible asshole protagonist.

Golden Age

This arc covers mostly the better parts of Guts’ life, showing us how a lone and damaged mercenary found comfort in the warmth of comradeship and friendship. Tragic enough, the fact he feels like he does not deserve said warmth makes him leave what turns out to be dearest to him. Him leaving eventually causes a chain reaction that leads up to the infamous eclipse.


This is actually a mini-arc but I prefer taking it as its own, because it displays the protagonist in a very different light, with the reader knowing what he has been through during the Golden Age. Guts pretty much is a lost child in this arc. At the end of Lost Children, he has accepted the idea of companions by finally calling Puck by his name, instead of referring to him as “bug” or “insect.

Conviction Arc

Very fitting to its name, Guts being confronted with companionship among the Holy Iron Chain Knights and him taking Farnese hostage, he slowly remembers the reason why he was on his rampage in the first place: namely the eclipse. It still takes the demon infant to show him a prophecy to make him rush back to Casca. Then, Godo’s speech causes him to reflect on his actions and focus on what matters to him the most.

Millenium Falcon

Reborn Griffith has started changing the world and rebuilding his kingdom. Meanwhile Guts and Casca struggle onward during their winter journey. Guts could not handle the pressure of taking care of a mentally ill person and fighting evil spirits every night (and breaks as a result: think of his assault of Casca), so he allows Isidro, Farnese and Serpico to accompany on his travels. During their journey, they started to grow on him.


After the world transformed because of Skull Knight’s stroke with his sword of actuation, the astral and physical world merged, causing astral beings to roam the land. Humanity is struggling to survive in such environment and Falconia remains the only safe space. Guts and his companions are at sea when that happens and eventually arrive at Elfhelm to restore Casca’s sanity. The Sea God fight takes place in this arc.