Hades: a Mother’s Day Special

There's an article about Berserk Episode 372 in the works, I'm currently preparing that! Mother's day is on and I happened to have finished Hades the game that fits the occasion considering it is all about those mothers. I've been considering to to branch out into other works or media that I really enjoyed anyways, … Continue reading Hades: a Mother’s Day Special

Why is Griffith crying at the end of Episode 364?

Episode 364 not only was the last chapter Kentaro Miura (may the Gods bless him) worked on, it also left with a cliffhanger that may have felt like a punch to the face for some. Particularly the last page of Griffith crying may be very confusing.

Berserk Episode 364: The Last Ride of the Day

I had to rush this article a little bit but I will make sure to post more about the recent chapter and predictions that can be made based on it. Despite of Miura's tragic passing, we are blessed with the release of what will likely be the last Berserk chapter. I have cherished it dearly, … Continue reading Berserk Episode 364: The Last Ride of the Day

Luca: Good People aren’t always Good Parents

You know what's really fascinating? The different roles Luca & Casca play in Nina's life. Luca is determined and always seems to know what is there to do, while Casca has no will on her own. Nina makes an important realization dealing with our regressed former commander of the Band of the Hawk.