Why is Griffith crying at the end of Episode 364?

Episode 364 not only was the last chapter Kentaro Miura (may the Gods bless him) worked on, it also left with a cliffhanger that may have felt like a punch to the face for some. Particularly the last page of Griffith crying may be very confusing.

Analysis of Episode 363 [Spoilers]

Berserk 363 is out and Miura is back with another fairly interesting chapter! It contained quite a long comedic relief stretch, which I hope will turn out to have a purpose in Isidro's development as a character. However, it does have a few things to say about the inhabitants of Elfhelm — but we'll get … Continue reading Analysis of Episode 363 [Spoilers]

Why the Demon Infant was reborn during the Birth Ceremony

This perhaps seems like a stretch at first. BUT! There is a solid basis for this. You will see it once you carefully look at what is being depicted and in what order the events unfold. This post complements another article I've written here: Demon Infant, Moonlight Boy and Griffith - how do they relate? … Continue reading Why the Demon Infant was reborn during the Birth Ceremony

Demon Infant, Moonlight Boy and Griffith: How do they relate?

In this post I'm going to dive deeper into the origins of the Demon Infant and how and why he changed into the Moonlight Boy - and we're going to find out why him assuming human form actually makes a lot of sense, and that Femto is actually possessing his body.

Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

At some point in the story Farnese believed Guts to be the Hawk of Darkness. Sadly it never has been brought up much after this but it always had me thinking whenever I was reminded of it. Just what does Farnese knew and why the hell did she never bring it up??? Hot take: What … Continue reading Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

Griffith and the Moonlight Boy [Ep. 358 Spoilers]

With this episode it is finally established that Griffith and the Moonlight Boy share the same body - a theory that has been around ever since 2006. Compared to the other instances, Miura has made it quite obvious for us this time.

Hidden Metaphors and Function of the Berserker Armor

Berserker Armor has been around for quite a while. Us as readers are used to seeing it, but how much do we know what rules and visual metaphors surround it? In this article I will explore in-depth the underlying mechanics and visuals of the berserker armor, how deeply it is connected to Guts' character development - and granted, you will learn things about it you've never noticed or read anywhere so far.