Berserk Fanletter Submissions are open!

Important: because of high demand, the participant limit of 30 users was reached and the submissions were closed on the 22th October.

Text Letter

You can submit your text messages (500 words) to Kentaro Miura here:

[Link to Google Forms]

Image Letter

You can submit a small message (200 words) to Kentaro Miura with an image (e.g. your fanarts) here:

[Link to Google Forms]

Note that you need a google drive account to be able to submit it. I will also see your first name that you defined in your google account settings.

Note that subscribers to the email newsletter received those links first by a couple of hours.


Please also check the FAQ here in case you have any further questions. If this doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to comment.

What happens next?

Once the submissions are closed (for now deadline is 31th October), I will create a PDF, have the letter translated, printed out and then sent to the Hakusensha HQ. They will forward it to Kentaro Miura.

Emails will be sent once the letter is printed and ready. Another wave of Emails will be sent once I have received confirmation the letter arrived. For the final arrival, there’ll be a blog post on this site, too.

I managed to create a little piece of software that can export your text letters (in shape of Google Form responses) into a PDF file fully automatically. It is still a bare bones software and only supports text letters for now, but I will continue to develop this while you add your submissions.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think about this topic in the comments section below!

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