How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 2

Sexual Healing: The Waterfall Scene

Warning: nudity, sex, explicit images. You know the deal.

Casca is still facing some insecurities regarding their newly discovered relationship. Guts – as always – is trying to give her support and attempts to make her feel comfortable by accepting her for who she is. She eventually lets herself go. As they have sex, Guts experiences a flashback, choking Casca. He reveals his past with Gambino and how he sold Guts out to Donovan. Casca also comforts Guts by bringing up the scars he got from the 100-Man-Slayer scene and her willingness to heal them. Because they try hard for each other, the situation eventually finds resolve and they proceed making love in a much gentler way.

Despite of the explicit imagery in this, there is some important bonding between Guts and Casca going on which I do not want to ignore in this analysis.

Guts and Casca discovering a new area of their relationship is new for both and she is insecure and scared. Remember that Casca is facing a big change by accepting she had lied to herself about Griffith all this time. Here, she is about to create a new identity and dream for herself. However, she still clings to her old hopes and it’s making her feel awkward.

She wishes to be true to herself and wonders if it will invalidate everything she felt up until now. She is scared to lose the things she previously deemed important and calls herself a coward for feeling that way.

As a response to this, Guts already knows how to cheer her up. You’ll see soon enough. He suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere notes all her scars – remember, from Judeau he does know she has been shot at. He can probably imagine how hard it must have been for her to lead the Hawks all by herself.

Casca feels ashamed for her scars. While it’s true she is a mercenary, she is also a woman who is not supposed to have any – were she a simple maid or a noble lady. I really like Guts’ attitude here: “What’s the point of hiding them now? I’m used to them“. He’s not trying to make her feel bad about having them. He is accepting her for who she is.

He goes on to say that he does know that she is indeed very womanly. Though I personally think he used to worst examples to illustrate his point: “quick to hit”? “mad fast”? What about Casca’s adorable shyness, selfless devotion or humbleness…? Anyway, what he says after this is very important. He states he knows how serious she was with trying to be Griffith’s sword: “Nobody lies their way into a body with this many scars.” The scars on her body are proof that what she felt was real. He understands her deeply.

Guts too, got scars on his body from the 100-Man-Slayer scene trying to keep Casca safe, so he does know what he’s talking about. Let’s also keep in mind he accumulated scars for Casca after the eclipse, too.

Guts goes on to tell Casca about the jinx of the battlefield. It’s funny he does so because he is absolutely NOT the type to like or enjoy metaphors (e.g. he hates Skull Knight’s metaphors and hazy wording, but appears to understand it to a degree). This instance shows quite clearly he can be very cryptic as well. I believe here he essentially states that just a few moments ago Casca was caught up with Griffith (“the dead or broken”) and that by finally letting go, she allows herself to move on and escape death on the battlefield (is that why she survived the Eclipse…!?).

He then pulls her closer to him, as if offering his shoulder instead, and tells her these things do not matter right now. What’s important right now is that she feels alive. Do I have to point out how adorable and sweet that is of him?

She eventually gives in, thinking that indeed, she needs to listen to her feelings for him right now. She lets herself go and allows Guts to take control. Let me just say that letting yourself go for a woman like Casca can be extremely scary and it’s a miracle she does.

So, after this there’s lots of love-making which I will skip for obvious reasons. Let me just say that just by looking at how they make love, there are a couple of things you can note about their character, which paints a very consistent picture for the both of them, but… I’ll save that up for another article. 😅

I do want to point out that he’s being really really rough to her at first, because he is letting out all his sexual frustration (you can thank Donovan for that). He will be much gentler to her after the tension and frustration was released after he had his flashback.

And this is what I’ll examine now. When Guts met Casca with acceptance of her scars earlier, she will do the same for him in return – something that makes the relationship between them so wonderful.

Anyway, something about the position they make love in appears to trigger Guts, something he thought he buried long time ago:

Now all repressed feelings from when he was violated by Donovan surface. There is also a little bit of emotion he felt regarding Gambino mixed in.

He stops and is in full flashback mode now. What Guts experiences here is self-hate from long time ago, caused by the inability to defend himself from the sexual predator. I believe this is why he ends up choking Casca here, because she sees his younger, weak self in her:

Only when she audibly starts choking, he lets her go.

But he hasn’t snapped out of it yet. He is still in full flashback mode. (In other words, despite of experiencing a flashback, he noticed he was harming her and stopped). She asks him why he did this, but he hits the tree behind her instead. He rambles on about Gambino.

Wait. That’s super interesting! Why was Gambino involved in this flashback too? Guts goes on to say that he did not mean to kill Gambino, who sold him for three silver coins to Donovan – despite of Gambino being complicit in this entire thing. He was the enabler. But Guts still didn’t want to kill him. He possibly had a hunch Gambino was drunk and not to his senses when he sold him out to Donovan (otherwise he would have avenged himself, which he didn’t, because when Guts confronted Gambino, it seemed like he knew nothing).

However, with Donovan it’s different. He definitely deserved it – or so Guts says. He appears to express pleasure when he tells Casca how he killed Donovan and made it look like an accident in battle.

Casca appears to be very confused at what is happening right now.

She is trying to make sense of what he’s stating and asks him about Gambino. Guts then insists Gambino was different, that he never meant to kill him because he was the one who raised him and taught him the way of the sword. Guts to this day doesn’t understand why Gambino sold him out.

Guts feels deep regret about accidentally killing Gambino.

Guts is cowering and shaking. Before Casca eventually touches Guts’ shoulder, we see how her hand is shaking, too. She is anxious – is he going to lash out on her…? I mean, you’ve seen that he was violent: choking her and then hitting that tree. But she overcomes her fear and still does it. This causes Guts to completely snap out of it. Her touch makes him flinch and brings him back to reality.

Only now Guts begins to rationally process what he has just done and begins to apologize profusely.

Note how he tells her that he will go if she told him. This guy is so absolutely frightened of being rejected when he is weak and vulnerable. And in all this pain he is experiencing he is punishing himself even more for it by offering her to go away if she desires so, as if he doesn’t deserve anything, as if he is not worthy of love or attention just because he slipped (and couldn’t even help it, given his PTSD). He also offers her to make up for what he has done in battle. But it’s not only this: he is also scared of failure, letting down the ones he loves: “this was your first time but I did that…”. These two things are one of his deepest fears.

Someone give this man infinite headpats and tell him how amazing he is.

He was still caught up in this negative programming he had from Gambino: always being looked down on, always depraved of positive attention, always criticized and never praised. Casca and Guts in the beginning was a lot like this as well. But because Casca realized how much he means to her, she is reacting differently. She meets him with understanding and kindness.

Casca just hugs him from behind (she did something similar to Griffith, too) She does know how it feels like having dark thoughts like this.

Guts tells her to forget about it. He doesn’t want to dwell on things that are past: “It’d just be licking each other’s wounds”. Casca accepts this and tells him it’s fine.

Then our precious Casca is also giving comfort to Guts in return. She states how she too, has been showing all her weaknesses to Guts and that now they are finally even. Interestingly enough, she now is also bringing up HIS scars as a way of cheering him up, something he’s done before to her.

She also brings up the wound she gave him and licks away (god I wish that were me). Licking wounds (aka comforting each other) is good enough for her. She presses her body against his and says she too wants a wound from him.

That first panel looks like Guts is blushing as she kisses him (awww!). Casca then goes on to think that she will change. Maybe her place is within Guts’ heart, because she is not only receiving his comfort, but can also give it back to him.

Note how here, the way they make love is also so much gentler than before.

During this scene, Guts also admits he has killed his own father and wonders why it affects him so much, when he has killed so many in battle. The tragic part about this entire thing is that Guts and Gambino never got the chance for a positive (long-term) resolve in their relationship because Gambino tragically died before it could happen (remember how Guts killed Julius and Adonis and also effectively destroyed their resolve doing so? It possibly didn’t escape him completely, that’s why he was so utterly shaken when he assassinated both).

Then this page is also very interesting:

We see how a young boy Guts applies ointment to his scar – a very nice metaphor to healing! What Guts also notes is the sword resting next to his younger self, which I see as a metaphor that Casca has become his sword instead. Makes sense, given she saw herself as Griffith’s sword before this. Though because it is Guts who has these kind of thoughts, I wonder if Casca makes that realization as well…? She might… in episode 359!

This is where the second part of this series ends. I decided to cut this series in three parts, because what is to come is going to be quite lengthy, so stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 2

  1. Compliments, I have been following all your analyzes for a long time and they are extraordinary and accurate. Rich and interesting. Thank you. I just wanted to tell you what I look for this part of them, when how they make love. Because I, after following up to here, want to see what you saw, understood and connected. As an example, the book Griffith shows to Guts, and if it as a connection or as they both consider “the thing” to their past, which they show in those scenes. How they behave or not, letting the other do it. Or after Albion when he heads and acts that way. I hope for your in-depth analysis, and if there is anything else I haven’t noticed. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Deia!
      Thank you very much for reaching out and letting me know! It takes quite a while to write each one of the articles on this blog so I’m glad I can provide.

      It’s true that both Guts and Casca show the other their deepest vulnerabilities and fears and as they do so, they are deeply understanding of each other. In that mutual understanding they find comfort, and end up making love beneath the waterfall. I think it’s that comfort and understanding that Guts has experienced with her that makes him protect her selflessly after Albion. At the same time, he seems to be so attached to Casca and these old memories he has of her. In some way it’s completely understandable that he is trying to cling on a tiny shred of hope after losing literally everything that was dear to him after the eclipse. But at the same time, he’s forgetting there are other people around him that may are capable of giving him some comfort as well (e.g. Farnese and Schierke, who both are capable of understanding him). It’s like Godo said in volume 18: “He turns and starts running towards something one way, without noticing some other thing, and nicks himself.” I am looking forward to witnessing whether Guts has learned this lesson after episode 359 – something tells me he did. There is still a lot of material for new articles!

      There is another reason why I decided against covering Guts and Casca’s love scene directly, and that is wordpress’ mature content policy (the pages can be considered pornographic, which – from what I understand – can results in a ban at the staff’s discretion). Maybe I will find a way around that though.


      1. Thanks for your answer. It’s true what you said, besides Casca is the only person who made Griffith and Guts open with her, only her, and not between them. And she didn’t understand this, that she really got to know them, and in things that the two friends didn’t know about the other. She is the only one in the manga to be the person who knows them deeply and made them naked despite the suffering they wear like armor. And in return they have made her what she is, she changes and accepts everything, about herself and others, about Guts and what it was for her. but it would be long 😀
        In fact there are things that they do not know about the other, but only Casca, and between her and Guts there is an understanding of various things that make them characters (and couple) better created in the panorama of the anime. And as Miura said, try to make the characters and their choices (and the epilogue of the story) as if it were real and lived by humans. I understand the problems of the theme of the scenes, I hope then that it is possible to be able to read even that piece, because it also contains that part of Guts that it holds inside, and external only with her and would like to live again. Thanks, I’m sorry if I can’t comment many times but I only have time to read (sometimes at different times) but I follow every post. Thanks for all your analysis and the futures you enter.

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  2. “Next, Casca asks Guts what made him show himself in a place like this, since he never was someone to to show up on parties or celebrations. He states that he wishes to see the end by himself.”

    WOW what a reference to the eclipse.

    Nice work as always 🙂

    At a first glance I thought Guts was acting like a jerk with Casca, c’mon Guts you are not that dumb to not see Casca has give up Griffith and is constantly giving you sights of interest.

    Then I though that maybe Guts thinks everybody else should be as stubborn as he is, so Casca should insist with Griffith.

    But if you check it twice, specially those finals “ilogical” frames where Guts leaves in front of Casca without a word. Why Guts did that? Well my though is, that’s the awkward way to flirt of Guts, a flirt that probably no one there, specially Casca, understood. But think about it, Guts was playing fair, with Casca and with Griffith, he wouldn’t say things to influence their thoughts, that’s the way Guts is, fair. Guts doesn’t wanted to start an affair with Casca in the Hawks, but at the same time he refuse to told Casca he is open to that outside the Hawks, waiting or hoping, Casca’s free will would do that or not, finally it was not.

    He just said to her instead he hopes thing will be well to her and Griffith. This would also be jerk style if I wouldn’t think that Guts truly believes that somehow Casca would be capable to make Griffith feelings towards her change.

    So another reason to leave the Hawks could be to put Casca in question, does she want to leave with him or does she want to stay with Griffith? I don’t have much evidence to back that, it’s just my opinion on what the hell is doing Guts there. If it was that, it was a sounded failure because Casca don’t even consider the possibility of leave with him, that’s why Guts smirk in that frame, he’s laughing on how profound he has fail with Casca, not making her able to understand his feelings and his true purposes with that departure.

    PS: I hate you for saying Farnese and Guts doesn’t share true love haha, joke. Farnie is my platonic love I ship her with everybody, specially with Guts and Serpico for obvious reasons.

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