Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

At some point in the story Farnese believed Guts to be the Hawk of Darkness. Sadly it never has been brought up much after this but it always had me thinking whenever I was reminded of it. Just what does Farnese knew and why the hell did she never bring it up???

Hot take: What if the real Hawk of Darkness is the Beast of Darkness and the Moonlight Boy the Hawk of Light, embodied through the physical bodies of Guts and Griffith?!

There are a couple of observations we can make regarding this theme, especially given the parallels between Guts and Griffith. Because these even go so far Guts’ Beast of Darkness has its counterpart inside of Griffith: the Moonlight Boy!

I believe the two concepts of the Hawk of Light|Hawk of Darkness and Beast of Darkness|Moonlight Boy residing inside their human/demigod hosts are deeply connected. In this article I want to dive deeper into the symbolism surrounding this theme. To do this, we must examine a couple of things prior:

Update 26th September 2019:

Part of this article is already outdated. If you wish to digest the newest information and analysis regarding this topic, please read this article: How do Demon Infant, Moonlight Boy and Griffith relate to the other?

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