How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 2

Helping a dream you’re not part of – Battle of Doldrey

Before the Battle of Doldrey, we see Guts reassuring Casca telling her the battle will be won with Griffith’s tactical genius. During the battle, Casca gets hurt by Adon, who attempted to capture her alive by shooting her with a poisoned arrow. Barely able to walk, Casca remains alone resting against the walls of Doldrey. Guts joins her. When Casca reveals her hurt over the distance to Griffith, we see Guts carrying her to Griffith and by doing so, he still made sure Casca’s dream of being close to Griffith was also not forgotten. Despite of having already departed in his heart, Guts was not only helping Griffith during the Battle of Doldrey.

Before the Battle of Doldrey, we see Guts and Casca hang out with some of the Hawks, where they discuss the Castle of Doldrey. Casca seems quiet, so Guts is asking her if anything’s wrong (because he’s an observant dummy).

Note how Guts is telling her she should not worry about it because he wants to calm her down. Here we get a glimpse of how the tone of their interactions changed completely.

Then she brings up the possibility of Griffith losing his composure in the next battle. The reason for this is Governor Gennon who had an affair with Griffith.

I believe this bit of the Manga is a good example of how Miura, as a writer, misleads his audience into thinking Griffith would make a horrible mistake, when it was Griffith who used his past affair with Gennon against him to win this battle. It was also a nice way to foreshadow Griffith’s eventual fall when Guts left the Hawks: I mean why would they so be concerned with Griffith screwing up? They both KNEW sooner or later he would break under the pressure, and he did – but for unexpected reasons (unexpected at least from Guts’ perspective).

So the battle takes place, and while Guts was fighting on the front line against Boscogne, Casca finally killed Adon and captures the castle.

There are a couple of things that I want to note about Casca before proceeding.

Obligatory Casca banter 💙

During the fight with Adon we see that…

  • Adon constantly tries to make himself look good despite of acting like a complete clown. Casca easily sees through his nonsense. She is smart and observant.
  • Casca killed Adon by herself, she didn’t need Guts to do it for her. I have always wondered why Miura didn’t let Guts do it – but I think he decided against this to show that Casca is capable to avenge herself without the help of a man. She is independent and strong.
Casca is visibly unimpressed. She even regrets taking him seriously as opponent.

But back to Guts and Casca dynamics! After this, we see Casca recovering from her poison arrow wound, while the Hawks are all standing on top of the wall to celebrate their victory.

After a while, the Hawks all leave, and she is alone. Note how Guts appears to meet her.

Note how he has no desire to go after Griffith. Note how he gave up on reaching Griffith in the first place and is now focusing on Casca!

He notices she is injured and asks her if something’s wrong. She says that she only suffered a scratch, but at the same time acknowledges it’s possibly more than a scratch – since she has troubles walking – and asks Guts to lend her a hand. Without saying a word he reaches out to her and she grabs his hand.

He lifts her so she could see over the walls.

Casca then sees Griffith in the distance, celebrating their triumph. The sense of distance we see in these pages is also a metaphor for the distance she actually feels. Because she is so affected by the sight she starts crying. We will figure out soon why. Guts notices this:

Casca expresses hurt over the distance, the fact Griffith is out of reach for her. While Guts gave up on reaching Griffith after the fountain speech, he does not like Casca being hurt and sad about it. Also note how Casca happens to have her arrow wound from Adon here, but it can also be taken as metaphor for emotional hurt.

But since Casca still has her dream, Guts tells her she shouldn’t just settle like this. He grabs onto Casca (maybe a bit too tightly, given her “Yow!!”) and is now carrying her in his arms. You can see how Casca’s cheeks appear to be red as he does so. She didn’t expect that.

Then Guts proceeds stating she will not get anywhere close to Griffith by sitting here and cry. He’s lending her a hand, telling her there is something he can do about it.

Because she is unable to walk on her own, he will carry her to Griffith. He’s also explicitly saying “Go to meet YOUR leader”.

Her reaction to this is interesting too. The first panel of the page that follows is her making some kind of realization or emotional reaction. I think the sparks indicate that he actually managed to warm up her heart a little. Then she looks flustered, embarrassed to the side as she agrees with him. Guts then takes off with her.

What’s also noteworthy is this: She says how she is hurt by the fact she is so far away from Griffith, which stems from a feeling of insignificance, and then Guts shows her that she is significant enough for him to make him go and carry her to the man she looks up to. What also happens is that by doing so, Guts low-key acknowledges Griffith and Casca belong together.

Basically he friend-zoned himself – yet he still is supportive and is at her service if she needs him. Can we just… take a moment and appreciate this? Like the dude respects her SO MUCH he puts her needs above his own. For banana’s sake, this boi is too pure and too good for this world.

What I also find noteworthy is the fact Guts WILL be kind towards you if you let him, e.g. by being honest and straightforward with who you are and what you feel.

9 thoughts on “How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 2

  1. Compliments, I have been following all your analyzes for a long time and they are extraordinary and accurate. Rich and interesting. Thank you. I just wanted to tell you what I look for this part of them, when how they make love. Because I, after following up to here, want to see what you saw, understood and connected. As an example, the book Griffith shows to Guts, and if it as a connection or as they both consider “the thing” to their past, which they show in those scenes. How they behave or not, letting the other do it. Or after Albion when he heads and acts that way. I hope for your in-depth analysis, and if there is anything else I haven’t noticed. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Deia!
      Thank you very much for reaching out and letting me know! It takes quite a while to write each one of the articles on this blog so I’m glad I can provide.

      It’s true that both Guts and Casca show the other their deepest vulnerabilities and fears and as they do so, they are deeply understanding of each other. In that mutual understanding they find comfort, and end up making love beneath the waterfall. I think it’s that comfort and understanding that Guts has experienced with her that makes him protect her selflessly after Albion. At the same time, he seems to be so attached to Casca and these old memories he has of her. In some way it’s completely understandable that he is trying to cling on a tiny shred of hope after losing literally everything that was dear to him after the eclipse. But at the same time, he’s forgetting there are other people around him that may are capable of giving him some comfort as well (e.g. Farnese and Schierke, who both are capable of understanding him). It’s like Godo said in volume 18: “He turns and starts running towards something one way, without noticing some other thing, and nicks himself.” I am looking forward to witnessing whether Guts has learned this lesson after episode 359 – something tells me he did. There is still a lot of material for new articles!

      There is another reason why I decided against covering Guts and Casca’s love scene directly, and that is wordpress’ mature content policy (the pages can be considered pornographic, which – from what I understand – can results in a ban at the staff’s discretion). Maybe I will find a way around that though.


      1. Thanks for your answer. It’s true what you said, besides Casca is the only person who made Griffith and Guts open with her, only her, and not between them. And she didn’t understand this, that she really got to know them, and in things that the two friends didn’t know about the other. She is the only one in the manga to be the person who knows them deeply and made them naked despite the suffering they wear like armor. And in return they have made her what she is, she changes and accepts everything, about herself and others, about Guts and what it was for her. but it would be long 😀
        In fact there are things that they do not know about the other, but only Casca, and between her and Guts there is an understanding of various things that make them characters (and couple) better created in the panorama of the anime. And as Miura said, try to make the characters and their choices (and the epilogue of the story) as if it were real and lived by humans. I understand the problems of the theme of the scenes, I hope then that it is possible to be able to read even that piece, because it also contains that part of Guts that it holds inside, and external only with her and would like to live again. Thanks, I’m sorry if I can’t comment many times but I only have time to read (sometimes at different times) but I follow every post. Thanks for all your analysis and the futures you enter.

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  2. “Next, Casca asks Guts what made him show himself in a place like this, since he never was someone to to show up on parties or celebrations. He states that he wishes to see the end by himself.”

    WOW what a reference to the eclipse.

    Nice work as always 🙂

    At a first glance I thought Guts was acting like a jerk with Casca, c’mon Guts you are not that dumb to not see Casca has give up Griffith and is constantly giving you sights of interest.

    Then I though that maybe Guts thinks everybody else should be as stubborn as he is, so Casca should insist with Griffith.

    But if you check it twice, specially those finals “ilogical” frames where Guts leaves in front of Casca without a word. Why Guts did that? Well my though is, that’s the awkward way to flirt of Guts, a flirt that probably no one there, specially Casca, understood. But think about it, Guts was playing fair, with Casca and with Griffith, he wouldn’t say things to influence their thoughts, that’s the way Guts is, fair. Guts doesn’t wanted to start an affair with Casca in the Hawks, but at the same time he refuse to told Casca he is open to that outside the Hawks, waiting or hoping, Casca’s free will would do that or not, finally it was not.

    He just said to her instead he hopes thing will be well to her and Griffith. This would also be jerk style if I wouldn’t think that Guts truly believes that somehow Casca would be capable to make Griffith feelings towards her change.

    So another reason to leave the Hawks could be to put Casca in question, does she want to leave with him or does she want to stay with Griffith? I don’t have much evidence to back that, it’s just my opinion on what the hell is doing Guts there. If it was that, it was a sounded failure because Casca don’t even consider the possibility of leave with him, that’s why Guts smirk in that frame, he’s laughing on how profound he has fail with Casca, not making her able to understand his feelings and his true purposes with that departure.

    PS: I hate you for saying Farnese and Guts doesn’t share true love haha, joke. Farnie is my platonic love I ship her with everybody, specially with Guts and Serpico for obvious reasons.

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