Join the Group Fanletter to Kentaro Miura

Since it’s unsure whether I’ll be going to the Berserk Exhibit in Tokyo next year (which I will also cover soon), we’re going to do so something different instead. I’ll create and organize a brochure with your messages to Kentaro Miura and send a physical letter to the Hakusensha HQ in Tokyo.

You fill in your name and your location and append a message of your choice. It is possible to submit an image instead, where you can showcase fanart, colorings, doodles or similar instead. Example:


<Your Message here>

Once the submission phase starts, you can submit this data to a Google Form. The form currently looks something like this:

I still have to decide the details surrounding the project as I have never done anything like this before, but I will figure these things out as I go.

How do I join?

Submissions to the Fanletter will be opened from 20th Oct to 31st Oct, for now.

I currently have a list of twitter users that would like to participate. If you’d like to get notified as well, please join the Email list (Google Forms) below. You can also subscribe to my blog to get updates.

Once submissions are open, you will get a notification via a Email with berserkanalysis as the sender. There will also be an announcements on this website. You will be provided two links to two Google Forms (one for text submission, the other for an image submission) where you can insert your fanletter.

Please be aware that the interest for this event is very high so it’s important you have your fanletters ready on the 20th Oct!

How to Write a Fanletter

A couple of things you should keep in mind when creating your letter:

  • Make sure you use English as language, no netspeak or slang words
  • Ideally use simple English for best results.
  • Make sure your letter is grammatically correct and has no spelling errors
  • Try to avoid abbreviations in your text
  • Try to avoid text in your submitted images


Is there a list of participants?

There is a list of participants but this list only serves the purpose to detect if there is demand and send out notifications. It is not a static list by any means. What counts is the point in time when submitting your entry.

Is there a limit of participants?

There is a limit of entries we can handle. For now it is at 30 participants. That means the first 30 entries are guaranteed to be sent to the Hakusensha HQ.

I am currently looking into how to create an automated solution and made some progress doing so. If this endeavor succeeds, the limit can be increased.

How do I stay updated?

I am posting smaller news on the #BerserkFanletter hashtag on twitter. Smaller changes will be announced there. The opening of submissions, completion and the final arrival of the letter will be announced on this website and the email list you can subscribe to above.

Do I have to use my real name and location?

No, you do not. Only share what you feel comfortable with sharing. Instead of your real name you can use initials or a pseudonym. For your location you can just use your country or just the continent.

Who is going to read my fanletter that I submit here?

Me and a few helpers (e.g. translators) will likely read or have access to it for the purpose of creating this group fanletter. Again, only share what you feel comfortable with sharing.

Will it be a digital letter or a physical one?

The letter will definitely be a physical one, that means your letter and fanart will be printed out and then sent to Miura.

How can I submit my fanart?

There are two seperate forms for text and image letters. The image form allows you to append an image and a 200-word-text. To upload an image, you will need to be signed into your google drive account. The display name you defined in this account will be visible to me.

How many words can my letter be?

I recommend to keep your written letters to one page, which is around 500-600 words. The text input in the Google Form I prepared will be limited to about this amount.

How will the letter be translated?

For a Japanese translation we’re going to use a translation AI (not Google), combined with manual corrections where necessary.

Project Phases

The following depicts a rough plan how this event will go and what will be done during each phase. Further below you can also find a Google Calendar.

  • Announcement Phase

    • Questions are answered
    • figure out general demand for a group fanletter

  • Preparation Phase

    • Let the fans prepare their letters/content
    • Developing an automated PDF creator or similar

    We are currently here!

  • Submission Phase

    • Fans submit their written entries or image entries via a GoogleForms sheet
  • Creation Phase

    • edit and filter the submitted entries
    • create a pdf file for entries
    • create a japanese translation for each entry
    • sending the letter to Hakushensa HQ

You can add these events to your own google calendar by rightclicking each event and then click on “copy to your calendar”. The dates might be subject to change.

Happy writing! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think about this topic in the comments section below!

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6 thoughts on “Join the Group Fanletter to Kentaro Miura

  1. Such a good idea! I submitted my email in google forms, but I’m not quite sure if you will contact all the emails to prepare our letters. Should I write it anyway?


    1. Everyone who submitted their email will definitely receive an email once submission starts. I think it’s definitely worth writing if you are not too late with submitting it (there might be high demand but I cannot say for sure).


      1. Sorry to insist, but I’m still not quite sure whether to write the letter or wait for the email and then write it.


      2. I know 1-4 people have already started to write their letters and should be ready to submit it on the 20th. It’s best if you have it ready by the 20th, if you do it afterwards, you risk not being able to make it because of the participant limit (the first 30 will be included). Is this clear enough to you?


      3. Yes, thank you so much for your patience 😅.
        Okay, I’ll try to write it before 20th.

        Thank you so much again!


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