How did Farnese’s life take a 180° turn?

Farnese becoming a witch

By traveling with Guts, Farnese also managed to meet Schierke. Farnese is absolutely impressed and moved how powerful Schierke is being able to cast the protection spell by lending the power of powerful spirits.

Farnese in volume 25.

Eventually, because she was so moved, she asks Schierke to teach her magic during volume 28.

Serpico’s reaction to that is pretty hilarious, but also sad the more you think about it: You have to consider Serpico is afraid of fire and saw his senile mother die at the stake in front of his own eyes because Farnese insisted to burn her as proof of his loyalty.

The fact we are shown Guts’ reaction to this as well – in its own panel – is a hint that his opinion of Farnese must have been affected. The fact Farnese is full of surprises doesn’t escape him, either.

That perplexed Casca face in the background always makes me laugh

Schierke states that is difficult to teach magic when someone has their world view and belief system manifested already. Because Farnese had her ego and views shaken to the core because of her experiences in Albion and Qliphot, Schierke eventually agrees on teaching her.

Farnese is very happy about this and immediately wants to jump into learning spells, while Schierke tells her needs to learn a foundation first.

I like that Guts smirks contentedly at her eagerness in the background here as he observes this interaction.

Funnily enough, picking up magic is the exact thing that will eventually bring her closer to God – something she desired during the Conviction Arc. It also enables her to become a powerful mage – a force to be reckoned with, once she learns the summoning spells Schierke has used a couple of times.

Training to be a mage enables Farnese to take another step in making a difference in this world: something that she always wanted to do.

Farnese being praised for casting the protection spell on the sea horse in volume 37. I hope she rubs this into her father’s face one day!

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