Art that I decided to sell.

How To Order

  • Use the form further below and pick the art you want to inquire in the selection box.
  • By sending an inquiry you acknowledge
  • Once the inquiry has been sent, I will get back to you if the art is still available, so we can exchange further information, such as address and payment information.
  • After that, I will send you a Paypal invoice.
  • Once that invoice is paid, I will send the art you’ve picked to you.

Please note:

πŸ“ Shipments go with a tracking number, if possible

πŸ“ Paintings will not be shipped to the US because fees for shipments with tracking/insurance are ridiculous (€ 38) and I do not want to send unique art without either.

πŸ“ I do not take commissions at this point. Sorry! I might if it’s Berserk-related, though.

Payment is via Paypal only!


Conviction Arc Guts

Medium πŸ“ High-pigment ink
πŸ“ creme-colored, high-quality paper (160g/mΒ²)
πŸ“ink & paper age-resistant
Price€ 150.00
Shipping€ 7.20 (+ € 4.00 with insurance)
Full-sized Image[link]

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Terms of Service

πŸ“ No refunds. What you see is what you get. If the provided pictures don’t make you like it, you shouldn’t order it.

πŸ“ A buying contract is only made once I have reviewed your inquiry and sent you a Paypal invoice.

πŸ“ If you live outside the US or Europe, I will have to verify whether a shipment can be sent to you in the first place and will let you know if it is. It’s important you get that information correct in the inquiry form.

πŸ“ I am not liable in any case a shipment gets lost in transport (it sucks a lot for me, too :c). Since I am using certified mail for shipping the risk of losing a shipment should be minimal either way. There is an option for shipment insurance to get your money back for the art itself (shipping excluded), but it will you cost extra. The cost depends on the value of the item insured and is listed next to the shipment costs in the “Sales” table.


Drawings are packaged in protective plastic foil and with a gray cardboard piece as additional structural support, so as to prevent accidental folding during transport.

Paintings are only packaged in protective plastic foil.

Shipping Information

Shipping Availability
Product EU US Rest of the World
Shipment Type
Drawings βœ… βœ… βœ… Letter
Paintings βœ… 🚫 🚫 Package
Letter Package
EU € 7.20 € 13.00 –
€ 16.00
US € 7.20 n.a.
World € 7.20 n.a.