Predictions based on the impending “Wedding Theme” in Berserk

Guts & Griffith: What happens when all everything you wanted to achieve has been achieved? Will you fall and struggle, will you contest your downfall and be triumphant in the end? Find out more in this article!

Berserk Chapter +358 Predictions Megapost

With Berserk being on hiatus once again, fans are violently discussing possible outcomes of events to come. Here are my predictions of the direction the next couple of Berserk chapters are perhaps going to take – especially in regards to Guts, Casca and his companions.

Guts and Casca – finding Comfort in themselves

So I want to talk about the waterfall scene in the Golden Age a little. Okay so first, so why the hell would I be analyzing something like this? I think this scene says SO MUCH about both Guts’ and Casca’s personality and struggle. More than you maybe think, by just displaying gestures and facial … Continue reading Guts and Casca – finding Comfort in themselves