Berserk Episode 361 Leaks [Spoilers]

Berserk Episode 361 was leaked and there is a couple of interesting things happening just by seeing those tiny pictures!

Update: Episode 361 has been released in Korean on and currently is being translated!

Update: Episode 361 is out! Check the Analysis of Berserk Episode 361 [Spoilers](includes a link to the chapter)


First we see Guts and Skull Knight talking. I think what is being refered to here is the fact that Guts is still shaking from Berserker Armor usage, and that he will continue to lose his humanity if he proceeds fighting that way (Update: after looking at the Korean scans, he looks proud that they arrived in Elfhelm int he first place). Then Gedfring joins the conversation, who possibly has a solution to this problem.

What a surprise: We see Morda teaching Schierke how to use the broom, she can be a full time witch now! Schierke should have quite the advantage from being able to fly like this.

We see how Morda and Schierke appear to reach a cave of some sort, where multiple wickermen rest and talk to an odd-looking witch lady. Then they get closer to Skull Knight, Guts and Gedfring, witnessing what is about to unfold.

Skull Knight and Guts apparently talk to a dwarf (remember, those are the ones who forged the Berserker Armor). The dwarf apparently reminds him of Godo. The dwarf gets his hammer and hits Guts’ armor with it, causing Guts to transform to the Berserker.

First impression

I have so, so many questions.

Was Godo actually a dwarf, too? I mean consider for a moment he is an excellent blacksmith who forged the Dragon Slayer… consider that dwarfes are considered elves… and Godo’s cave was inhabited by elves long time ago. Was Godo the last dwarf to live in that cave…? That is a most fascinating connection Miura creates here.

What did the dwarf to do Guts’ armor? What was he trying to achieve? Was he trying to figure out how strong the Od is? Is he going to make changes to his armor?

It’s certain that we are currently witnessing the reason why the Moonlight Boy departed in Episode 358. Remember that Casca is usually drawn to her son whenever he appears. Will Casca arrive and witness what happens to Guts in the Berserker Armor, will she see what the Moonlight Boy does to Guts, saving him from the ego-consuming Od? Does that mean that Casca will have another memory fragment to her revealed…? Will she remember Guts’ sexual assault?

It will be most fascinating to find out what is actually being said in this chapter.

The Bigger Picture

I believe the next step is that Casca is going to find out what the Berserker Armor does to Guts as soon as possible.

To progress the plot, Casca needs to find out why there is a shadow around Guts. Showing her what Berserker Armor is would do exactly that. Additionally, with Guts transforming to the Berserker, you also have the Moonlight Boy entering the scene. So on seeing her boy Casca will know who he is and will want to figure out what happened to him as well. I mean… the Birth Ceremony was already brought up in episode 359, so I expected this would be the next step.

In either case, this approach does two things, from a grander scale of things:

  • Casca finding out what happens to Guts in the Berserker Armor will give him a possibility keep his humanity in the long run. Casca might want to concentrate her efforts to protect Guts in return. The dwarf shown in episode 361 might help!
  • Finding out what happened to the Moonlight Boy will give Guts and Casca the knowledge to set him free from Femto’s influence. Casca will definitely tell Guts that this is their son, so she is key in progressing this part of the plot. As far as I am concerned, Femto is possessing the Moonlight Boy’s body, so there is definitely a way to release him. We will find out soon whether this theory is correct!
  • Doing so, Casca is going to find out the lengths Guts has gone to protect her. She might find out that he’s in fact losing his humanity and she will want to protect him from evil just as much.

Judging by what’s going on in the leak it seems like this is the direction Berserk is heading to!

As soon as we get the first scanlations, I will write an analysis about it. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think about this topic in the comments section below!

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4 thoughts on “Berserk Episode 361 Leaks [Spoilers]

  1. I don’t think of Godo (God-o perhaps?) as a Dwarf rather a very passionate and skilled human smither (remember how smithers were honoured among Celts).


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