How you can help creating this website – and a book!

Let’s face it: this website wouldn’t be anything without you, the reader. An orchestra without an audience is empty and meaningless.

When I created my tumblr blog about 3 years ago (this website followed shortly after that in the same year) I created it with a goal:

To make people understand how deep and genius Berserk actually is.

I always perceived that as my mission. Even though I am a rather recent fan of the series, I noticed that most fans grasped only a fraction of the depth Berserk actually has.

People enjoying what I write about keeps me going and I appreciate it a lot! It makes writing a lot more fun.

In essence I am serving you, the reader and fans. But I also have ambitious plans. In order to make those plans work and not disgruntle you at the same time, I need your feedback. There are a couple of things that I wish to change on this website.

The WEbsite

How are these changes are going to look like in detail?

Future articles will contain less manga pages and panels, more quotes, more references and more external links. Older articles will be adapted. The ideal article has almost no images from the manga itself presented and visible on this website. At least, that is my goal.

There are multiple ways to reach this goal.

But how I approach this issue depends on how you, the reader, use this website, what your preferences are and why you are visiting.

How do you think posts and articles could go with less images?

In order to help me realize these changes in a way it won’t affect your experience on this website negatively, you can let me know in the comments and/or fill in the following polls! I am open to feedback and constructive criticism.

I will make sure to consider your feedback into the website’s design and still keep it as user friendly as possible. Thank you for your trouble!

The Book

Some of you perhaps noticed the new icon that is decorating the header now.

Currently I am building up some corporate design because I am currently writing a book about Berserk!

The material on this website has grown a lot. Currently it stands at about 85,911 words (!), which is easily the scope of your average novel.

The book covers reader questions I get on social media and topics presented on this website. Much of the content is refurbished articles from here, but there is also lots of new content to see, all packed into one handy book. It will be self-published as eBook on Amazon and if it gets enough traction, I will take care of a nifty paperback version as well! Here is a quick overview of its content:

  • Astral Realms: The fabric of Cosmos
  • Guts and Casca during the Golden Age
  • Side character analysis: Schierke, Farnese, Casca
  • parallels between Griffith and Guts
  • Griffith’s rise and fall
  • Berserk and the meaning of life
  • the workings of fate, causality and the Godhand
  • the rules for possession & sacrifice
  • the Beast of Darkness and the Berserker Armor
  • the origins of the Moonlight Boy
  • frequently used symbols
  • An analysis of Miura’s writing & art

If you have any more topics that you have questions for and would like me to write about, please let me know in the comments! I will take a look.

Thank you for being on this ride together with me!

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