Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

Eye for an Eye in The Passage of Dreams

When Guts attempted to save Casca during the eclipse, he lost an eye trying to get closer to her right?

This can be taken as symbolic act of Guts losing part of his capacity to see good (symbolized by his loss of eye) and do good (symbolized by his lost arm).

Now in Casca’s dream, what happens to Griffith/Femto is the polar opposite.

Berserker Dog-Guts hurts him with his canon ball – and allows him to OPEN HIS EYE.

Note how it’s ALSO the right eye being affected. 

What does this mean?

If Guts lost some of his capacity to see and do good (as symbolized losing arm and eye) will Griffith gain the capacity to see and do good?

Will Griffith realize that Guts has indeed a reason and dream to fight for? Will Griffith then realize the extent of their friendship: “A true friend is one to pursue a dream, even if it means to oppose me”? Or perhaps Griffith will realize a dream is nothing without the people that benefit from it (which may become true given Falconia is the only safe sanctuary for mankind)? There are many crazy and interesting scenarios that come to mind exploring this idea. The situation seems to be heading towards Guts becoming Griffiths true equal – but in my opinion, a much much better version of it.

Which leaves one final question:

Who is the Hawk of Darkness, who the Hawk of Light?

I think these concepts are not set into stone yet! Depending on whether or not Guts gives in to the Beast of Darkness, or whether or not Griffith gives in to the Moonlight Boy, may decide which position either will take in the end.

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