Similarities between The Moonlight Boy and The Beast of Darkness

Keeping your demonhood

We know that Guts struggles to keep his humanity and not let the Beast of Darkness take over when he uses the Berserker Armor.

The parallel to this would be Griffith struggling to keep his omnipotent demi-god status by trying to resist the Moonlight Boy’s influence.

Okay so I have to say I first pulled this out of my butt when I wrote it down. But… thinking about it… it may already happen right before our eyes. Let me show you.

The first time the Moonlight Boy appears, this is what happens. Casca goes outside because she sensed the presence of her son. The others notice she went missing again and are following her to find her. Casca eventually finds her son.

Shortly after this, Guts and Schierke join up.

The boy seems really scared on seeing his father. This is probably because Guts first tried to kill him right after he was born.

There is a chance that Zodd was involved in this, because Guts sensed a presence at the beach with his brand.

If this is really Zodd, it could be part of Zodd’s horn, neck and possibly a bit of his wing (seen from right to left).

Schierke notes a “mysterious od” coming from the boy. Was that because she sensed a bit of Griffith’s od in his form…?

Then note what Schierke says on their second encounter from volume 36. Schierke mentions how the mysterious od and hostility that was present before, has now vanished.

OBVIOUSLY there are differences between those two encounters with the Moonlight Boy. The difference is not only limited to his human/boy form or his od, but also extends to the Moonlight Boy’s astral form, which Guts is seeing through the Berserker Armor:

The Moonlight Boy from Volume 28
The Moonlight Boy from volume 36

The notable difference here is his hair. It used to be very simple, and here it has become more fluffy. The third time the boy saves his father during the Sea God fight, it becomes very obvious Griffith-style hair:

The Moonlight Boy from Volume 37

Are we witnessing the Moonlight Boy gradually gaining more and more control over Griffith’s body…?

Is the Moonlight Boy’s physical form becoming more and more like Guts and Casca’s son, while his astral form becomes more and more like Griffith…?

So many questions!

Given that Casca is now awake, the boy most likely has departed to see his mother at the end of episode 358. The little dude wants to see his mother after all! Are we witnessing the boy taking more and more control over Griffith?! I can already see the trend, but we need more information to fully confirm this.

I think it is entirely possible that Griffith may decide to get rid of the boy, if he perceives him to be an obstacle to his dream (e.g. by increasing his influence over Griffith, and thus him losing control over time). Guts and Casca will very very likely go to save their son, given the Boy has saved both of their lives multiple times as well.

However, the observations we can make in regards to the Moonlight Boy and Griffith do NOT stop there. There is in fact a few interesting conclusions we can make if we take a look at the passage of dreams!

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