How Guts and Casca grew together – Part 1

Rivalry: Early Golden Age

As summary, we can say that Casca makes it very clear that she does not like Guts and does not care much about him. At least, that’s what she claims, with her actions saying something different.

In the very beginning, Guts was Casca’s enemy. Corkus and a couple of his men were going to steal Guts’ money he obtained from slaying Bazuso and because they were struggling, Griffith commanded Casca to intervene.

Note how she reluctantly followed Griffith’s order. And look at this stare in his eyes! Griffith knew very well she’s going to obey.

After Guts was defeated by one sword stroke by Griffith, he then commanded Casca to sleep next to Guts and help him warm up. She basically ditched her own pride just so she could make Griffith happy and follow his orders.

The moment I saw this page the first time I knew how they’re going to end up….

She resented Guts a lot for it, as if it was his fault (wasn’t it Griffith’s will?!) and as if she saw him as rival.

She made it pretty clear that she hated him at the time.

However, at the same time, she also defended him from Corkus’ malicious scheming.

Look what a sexist jerk this Corkus is, implying Casca would sleep with Guts (which makes absolutely no sense given her pride and how much she hates him). Adon would make a similar comparison later on.

Why she always took his side? Well, when Guts confronts her about this, she claims she does it for Griffith. Additionally I think she is possibly keeping her men in check and considering her low opinion of Corkus, I believe she is also doing it to spite him.

And she spites Corkus because she detests him and his ways. As far as I am concerned, Miura wants to hint that Casca has principles she actually sticks to, even if she has a good reason to backstab people she dislikes (e.g. jealousy). We will see that in a couple of occasions!

Guts acknowledges her help and promises to make up for it.
Casca is playing it down and claims she did it because it was Griffith’s order. To reinforce the idea that she does not care about him that much, she’s telling him to get killed in battle.

What is also interesting about this is that Casca does state she is just following orders, but we actually never see Griffith give that order. So far we only saw Griffith ordering Casca to intervene when they attacked Guts before he joined the Band of the Hawk. When Guts was unconscious and bed-ridden, Judeau notes that Griffith has ordered her to lay next to him in bed to keep him warm. The way this is written out to us is very confusing, to say the least – most likely on purpose, too.

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