Guts and Griffith: Similarities and Differences

Guts and Griffith. They have a lot in common but at the same time, they are polar opposites. On one hand, you have this nihilist, dark-haired swordsman dressed in all black, and on the other hand a white-haired, charismatic man with a beauty that is not of this world. Now their actions do not necessarily differ that much either: They both will walk over bodies once their mind is set on a goal, for example. But looking closer, you will find their intentions and choices can make a tremendous difference in the end.

Table of Contents:


  • Overview
  • The burden of carrying a dream
  • Leading capabilities
  • Shady practices to achieve their goals


  • The intuitive Risktaker vs The calculating Tactician
  • Gratitude vs Entitlement
  • Truth vs Deception
  • Comradeship vs Power
  • Progression vs. Repetition



They both…

  • have haunting nightmares 
  • have the burden of carrying a dream
  • possess leading capabilities
  • are using shady practices to achieve their goals
  • are of common origin
  • have unhealthy coping mechanisms (especially in Golden age)
  • the blood of many hundreds of people or astral beings on their hands

I’ll pick a few of these points and elaborate them further in the following. As I will explain their similarities, you will see how they still manage to be different at the same time.

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